Private Defense Hockey Camps

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What Are Private Defense Hockey Camps?

Private Defense Hockey Camps are for a minimum of one student to a maximum of three students on the ice / session.

This allows our trainers to work individually with students and cater to their specific needs.

How Are Private Defense Hockey Camps Structured?

First, Gianmarco Aiello – Owner and Lead Trainer, evaluates each player’s current defense skills on the ice.

Second, Gianmarco custom tailors the Private Defense Hockey Camp with specific defense skills practice he feels will best help each player improve their in game performance.

Third, a quick review of the defense skills covered during the session are reviewed in order to deepen the player learning for future practice.

What Skills Are Covered in Private Defense Hockey Camps?

We focus on the following defense hockey skills:

  • Skate edge work
  • Proper stick handling
  • Defensive zone positioning
  • Neutral zone positioning
  • Offensive zone positioning
  • Technical understanding of proper defense skills

Private Hockey Defense Camps are scheduled by request only.

Please call us or fill in the form below to book your Private Defense Hockey Camp.

What Clients Think of Our Private Defense Hockey Camps

“As a defensive player focused on performing at my highest level and ability, A+ Performance provided me with an intense skate designed for defensive specific motions and skill sets that was not only demanding, high performance, confidence building, but also a lot of fun.

Gianmarco pushed me to be the best I could be each and every skate.

Thank you Gianmarco.”

Andrew Langlois, 15 years of age

“As parents of two very active athletes who play rep sports, and who are focused on performing at their very best, we found A+ Performance’s defense specific training a valuable program for our son who was seeking opportunities to improve his skill sets.

Each skate was specifically designed with defensive high performance skill sets in mind.

We found A+ Performance greatly contributed to his development, performance and confidence on the ice.”

Mr. and Mrs. Langlois

Andrew Langlois, A+ Performance Hockey School - Testimonials - Andrew Langlois

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