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A+ Performance Hockey School - Semi-Private Defense Hockey Camp

What Are Semi-Private Defense Hockey Camps?

Semi-Private Defense Hockey Camps are for a minimum of four to a maximum of fifteen players on the ice / session.

This is our most popular service and scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

Semi-Private Defense Hockey Camps are typically scheduled for times when players are out of school, for instance, March Break, Summer Break, etc.

See our Upcoming Events Calendar to see a list of upcoming Semi-Private Defense Hockey Camps.

How Are Semi-Private Defense Hockey Camps Structured?

First, both Gianmarco Aiello – Owner and Lead Trainer, and Bruno Pilon – Assistant Head Instructor, evaluate each player’s current defense skills on the ice.

Second, the instructors custom tailor the Semi-Private Defense Hockey Camp with specific defense skills practice they feel will best help the players improve their in game performance.

Third, a quick review of the defense skills covered during the session are reviewed in order to deepen the player learning for future practice.

What Skills Are Covered in Semi-Private Defense Hockey Camps?

We focus on the following defense hockey skills in game like situations:

  • Skate edge work
  • Proper stick handling
  • Defensive zone positioning
  • Neutral zone positioning
  • Offensive zone positioning
  • Technical understanding of proper defense skills

These Semi-Private Hockey Defense camps have the benefit of increasing young players’ confidence on the ice in games.

Semi-Private Hockey Defense Camps are scheduled in our Upcoming Camps Calendar and are filled on a first come, first come basis.

Please call us or fill in the form below to book your Semi-Private Defense Hockey Camp.

What Customers Think of Our Semi-Private Defense Hockey Camps

“My son has been with A+ Performance Hockey school for March breaks and summer Defense training for two years now.

To find quality training specific defense, isn’t always easy and this school gave him everything he needed.

Skill development that matched his performance level, as well as feedback to help him advance in his position.

Gianmarco also worked with him in getting back on the ice post injury.

We appreciate the time and effort put forth by the knowledgeable staff.”

Tracey Hache

“Hello, my name is Braden Haché and I am a defensemen for the Minor Midget York Simcoe Express.

A+ Performance is an amazing opportunity for defensemen to go and work on Defense specific skills.

It’s the little things and habits that you don’t notice in a regular team practice, that are pointed out here.

It’s not only good to work on skills that are for your position, it’s good to be around people who have the same role.

I have been skating with A+ for 2 years now and have noticed a big improvement on my edge work and skating.

I broke my foot last year and they helped me get back on the ice and work on building the confidence after my injury.

I recommend A+ to all defensemen, amazing place to work hard and have fun.”

Braden Hache

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