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What Are Team Defense Hockey Camps?

Team Defense Hockey Camps are for either a portion of a hockey team, for instance for the defense players only or for the offense players only, or for the entire hockey team.

Team Defense Hockey Camps are by request only by the Team Head Coach or Organization.

How Are Team Defense Hockey Camps Structured?

First,¬†both Gianmarco Aiello –¬†Owner and Lead Trainer, and Bruno Pilon – Assistant Head Instructor, evaluate each player’s current defense skills and how they interact as teammates on the ice.

Second, the instructors custom tailor the Team Defense Hockey Camp with specific defense skills practice they feel will best help the players improve their in game performance as a whole.

Third, a quick review of the defense skills covered during the session are reviewed in order to deepen the player learning for future practice.

What Skills Are Covered in Team Defense Hockey Camps?

Depending on who the Team Defense Hockey Camp session is geared towards, we focus on some or all of the following defense hockey skills in game like situations:

  • Skate edge work
  • Proper stick handling
  • Defensive zone positioning
  • Neutral zone positioning
  • Offensive zone positioning
  • Technical understanding of proper defense skills
  • Positional play for game type scenarios

Team Defense Hockey camps have the benefit of increasing young players’ confidence on the ice in games.

Team Defense Hockey Camps are scheduled on an as needed basis and we are flexible with our times.

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