Raving A+ Performance Hockey School

“As a defensive player focused on performing at my highest level and ability, A+ Performance provided me with an intense skate designed for defensive specific motions and skill sets that was not only demanding, high performance, confidence building, but also a lot of fun.

Gianmarco pushed me to be the best I could be each and every skate.

Thank you Gianmarco.”

Andrew Langlois, 15 years of age

“As parents of two very active athletes who play rep sports, and who are focused on performing at their very best, we found A+ Performance’s defense specific training a valuable program for our son who was seeking opportunities to improve his skill sets.

Each skate was specifically designed with defensive high performance skill sets in mind.

We found A+ Performance greatly contributed to his development, performance and confidence on the ice.”

Mr. and Mrs. Langlois

Andrew Langlois, A+ Performance Hockey School - Testimonials - Andrew Langlois

“My son has been with A+ Performance Hockey school for March breaks and summer Defense training for two years now.

To find quality training specific defense, isn’t always easy and this school gave him everything he needed.

Skill development that matched his performance level, as well as feedback to help him advance in his position.

Gianmarco also worked with him in getting back on the ice post injury.

We appreciate the time and effort put forth by the knowledgeable staff.”

Tracey Hache

“Hello, my name is Braden Haché and I am a defensemen for the Minor Midget York Simcoe Express.

A+ Performance is an amazing opportunity for defensemen to go and work on Defense specific skills.

It’s the little things and habits that you don’t notice in a regular team practice, that are pointed out here.

It’s not only good to work on skills that are for your position, it’s good to be around people who have the same role.

I have been skating with A+ for 2 years now and have noticed a big improvement on my edge work and skating.

I broke my foot last year and they helped me get back on the ice and work on building the confidence after my injury.

I recommend A+ to all defensemen, amazing place to work hard and have fun.”

Braden Hache

“Dear Gianmarco,

My wife and I wanted you to know that your A+ Performance Hockey School clinics have helped our son Tristan in his hockey development, more ways than one.

His confidence in his game play and as a person are at a all time high.

He likes your clinics because you make it fun, followed by professionalism in game tactics.

Yourself and your instructors make it comfortable for him to ask those 1 on 1 questions in which he needs in his development.

You pin point little things in hockey defensive play, that are huge in game situations and people notice the success.

Tristan can’t wait for your summer clinics and throwing on his A+ Performance Hockey School jersey.


Sean Arnold

Sean Arnold

“Gianmarco and his instructors at A+ Performance Hockey School do an amazing job maximizing the potential of their students, as well as encouraging the player to push themselves to the next level.

Defense is a challenging position, and Gianmarco’s game specific training allows the player to build game ready confidence and skill at the same time.

I would recommend A+ Performance Hockey School to anyone that wants to take their game to a new level.”

Darren Bray

‘I have been going to A+ Performance Hockey School for 2 years and it has taken my game to another level.

I really enjoy the unique set of drills that we do at the sessions and it really helped me developed my skills, and prepared me for AAA hockey.”

Jack Bray

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